Shevchenkivska vesna 2014, 25-28 March
International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists
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   Kyiv Unversity ( was founded in 1834 by russian emperor Nikolai I under the name Kyiv University of Saint Volodymyr (University was named after Volodymyr, knyaz' (king) of Kyivska Rus', who in 988 a.d. began christening of the Rus'). From 1939 it was named after Taras Shevchenko, outstanding ukrainian poet, painter, revolutionary public figure of XIX century (Taras Shevchenko worked as a teacher of painting at the University for some period of time). In 2009 Unversity celebrated 175th anniversary.

   Kyiv University is one of the oldest and without any doubt most famous ukrainian unversity, national centre of fundamental eduction, science and culture. Its motto “Utilitas, Honor et Gloria” became life slogan of many its graduates. During its existence Unversity gave to world hundreds of outstanding scientists, public and cultural figures ( Title of University's Honoured Doctor were granted as to representatives of russian royal families (all emperors from Romanovy family starting from Nikolai I) as well to outstanding people (for example Lev Tolstoy), public figures (Indira Ghandi, many presidents of foreign countries), Nobel laureates, scientists.

   University's colours (from stripes of St. Volodymyr Order) - red and black - are reflecting double nature of surrounding world: red - is life (love), and black - death (sorrow)... The story of the country and the University is filled with those unseparable oppositions, even main unversity's building - in classical style - did not avoid this philosophy - its colours - are also red and black. Exactly about these colours of university's walls are many stories and legends.