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International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists
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   The SASP or The Scientific Association of Students and Postgraduates of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is an independent students` organization which aims at helping the students to reveal their scientific and creative potential, providing methodological background for writing different kinds of scientific researches: articles, reports, reviews etc., teaching how to create modern science, developing the leader skills and skills of team work, teaching how to give a set of solutions for the problems of different scale and choosing the most appropriate, giving some basic management skills, bringing up the elite of the new generation.

   The SASP is an open association which tries by all means to popularize scientific life through the students community. Everyone is free to join the organization. As well as everyone may initiate a new project and carry it out together with those who share his ideas.

   Each year the SASP reports about its projects and events which are held through almost each and every department or institute. Among them there are contests, tournaments, scientific games, conferences(some of them are even international), round tables, scientific and students` seminars, lectures on up-to-date scientific breakthroughs. Also the SASP carries out polls(on the quality of education as well), soirées, cultural events, entertainments, picnics, meetings with famous personalities and so on.

   What`s more, the SASP is a kind of integration centre for students and postgraduates from all the departments and institutes of the University.

   To date the SASP of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University includes:    One more priority for the SASP is to inform students and postgraduates of scientific grants, international and regional conferences and schools, scholarship and programs for the scientific exchange, grants for the internship abroad, lectures and events organized by the SASP. For this purpose a rich mailing list was created.

   The history of the SASP originates in 1918 from that times it suffered «oblivions» and «renaissances». The last «renaissance» occurred in 1997. The group of the enthusiasts after a long pause in the activity of the organization revived it. Since then the SASP has been functioning. Great work has been done since then but the greater part is to be done! There are more then 100 associates in the SASP by now. But each student is an informal member of the community as far as each supports the SASP participating in this or that event of the Association. We have managed to become known among international students` organizations. And now we collaborate with some of them e.g. «IAPS» - International Association of Physics Students, scientific associations of Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland etc. Each year with the assistance of SASP number of students, postgraduates and researchers goes for internship abroad, to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Russia etc.

   We are willing to bring up the new generation of people able to act themselves and to move our country on towards the promising future! Join up!

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