Shevchenkivska vesna 2014, 25-28 March
International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists
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LaTeX2ε for sections Cybernetics , Physics and Mathematics and Mechanics

We are waiting for papers formed as source code for LaTeX2ε. You can download template UA and EN. These template use the specially designed style file for papers for this conference. This style file uses some common, but still not the standard packages. You can download them package.

Detailed recommendations about paper formatting are given in template.

Your papers will be compiled by pdfLaTeX. So, please, use compatible packages. In particular, note that the insertion of external figures available in PDF, PNG, JPEG and GIF. If your figures are available in EPS or PS, convert them to PDF, please.

You must upload on the website of the conference only file in *.tex format, but if you use in your paper some images you must create the archiv, for example *.zip or *.rar, and add there all images which you use and also file in *.tex format, and upload it on the website of the conference named as your last name. For example, Size of the paper is no more than 5 pages.

We recommend you to use MikTeX for compilling you paper. Sure you can use another distribution, which supports Latex2ε


MS Word for sections Geology, Sociology and modern social changes, Philosophy, Philology, Journalism, Military Science, Psychology

Download the corresponding template UA EN, open it with your text editor (MS Word 2000/2003/2007/2010, OpenOffice or LibreOffice), and follow the instructions in the template file and requirments below.

Archive text file  and illustrations to an arhcive named as your last name, e.g. Size of the paper is no more than 5 pages.

Specify your (and co-authors) first and last name, contact e-mails, the name of university or institution you and co-authors work at, and its postal address


Send illustrations as separate files in JPEG or TIFF format. Do not use PNG or BMP formats. Desired image width – 105 mm (half of A4 page), desired resolution – no less than 200 dpi. If you are not experienced in image formatting, please, state that your illustrations need additional processing. Place image captions in text file in those places where images should be. Name image files as they follow in text (e.g. 1.jpg, 2.jpg). Tables should have captions. Formulas should be formatted in editors MathType or LibreOffice Math.